The Team

Founding Members

Meet the founding members of OFEPIA, with diverse professional career lives,
strongly connected with one passion of preserving the Africa ecosystem.

Everistus ADUSI
Everistus ADUSIPresident & Co-founder[email protected]
I am an entrepreneur, an international businessman, the CEO of Jovian Coiffure & Onglerie (France). Outside my entrepreneurship career, I like looking beyond just socializing with humans.
Our planet deserves more care and love!
Ignatus Chika UJOMOR
Ignatus Chika UJOMORTreasurer, Speaker & Co-founder[email protected]
I am a web and mobile app developer, social entrepreneur, researcher, CEO/Founder at Ujomor Consulting (France) & Chicitadel (Nigeria). Critical thinking is part of my life, I enjoy catching fun with inline skating at leisure.
Let's show some love and respect for nature!
Nestor DURU
Nestor DURUGeneral Secretary & Co-founder[email protected]
I am a Film Director, Writer and Entrepreneur. Author of The Angry People and owner of the Nest Royal trade mark (France).
All must learn to be ecofriendly!
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